PUNK ROCK from the UK!
Spunk Volcano singer, songwriter and the star studded Eruptions, inspired by the joys and hates of life itself, they will take you on a nostalgia trip to better times, or a glimpse at a day in the life of the everyday working class hero in the world today, perhaps a visit to darker times with a glimmer of hope, tongue in cheek words of joy or despair, honest words in a fragile scared society.

Touring up and down the UK and many tours in mainland Europe over the last 7 years, releasing several albums and EP’s on the way there is no end in sight!  because it isn’t just punk rock, this is SPUNK ROCK!

SV and the Eruptions may contain two members of UK punk rock and rollers Dirt Box Disco, but they are far from being a part-time side project. ‘Double Bastard’ is their fourth full length album (Double album) and their sixth release in as many years. Unchained from the restraints of his guitar and taking on lead vocal duties, Spunk Volcano has free reign to indulge himself and his song writing to whatever style he sees fit. From sweetly sappy love songs, to hardcore thrash and everything in between, there are no rules or boundaries for him or his Eruptions. But much like his work in Dirt Box Disco, for Spunk Volcano, the melody, the sing-a-long and the ear-worm always remains the number one focus.